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Dutch NGO Dispenses Abortion Pills to Pregnant Women Infected by Zika

Zika virus is a deadly viral disease, which is doing rounds in Latin America. The disease is transferred from mosquito bite, and for woman who are pregnant, this is a bad news.

<p>February 11, 2016</p> <p>Zika virus is a deadly viral disease, which is doing rounds in Latin America. The disease is transferred from mosquito bite, and for woman who are pregnant, this is a bad news. The virus affects the development of child&rsquo;s brain (microcephaly), making the new born head look extremely small in absence of forehead. Here comes the role of Women on Web, a Dutch NGO who is distributing <strong>Mifepristone</strong> and medical pregnancy termination pills for free in such places, where abortion care is restrictive, especially in Brazil. The WHO has already declared that the epidemic is an international emergency.</p> <p>The World Health Organization has advised women in regions affected by Zika to not become pregnant for a period of at least two years. Brazil is one of the worst hit by he virus, reporting 270 confirmed cases of Zika virus related microcephaly. By 2014, and October 2015, a total of 147 and 3,488 cases were reported, respectively. The Women on Web&rsquo;s founder and director, Rebecca Gomperts announced that they will dispense the medicines that terminate pregnancy to women who are pregnant and have Zika infection, as the continued pregnancy will only lead to severe birth defects.</p> <h2>Women on Web to Help Zika Infected Women Receive Abortion</h2> <p>Latin Americans are increasingly living in fear of Zika virus, as it is difficult to control the epidemic. Brazil where pregnancy ending is restrictive on grounds of only sexual violence and medical emergency has not recognized the infection as one of the worst scenarios of medical emergencies. The government criminalizes pregnancy termination act if unlawful and restricts use of birth control. Due to this, females are left with no option to control pregnancy, and which is a dangerous incidence for Zika infected women.</p> <p>The NGO has agreed on offering pregnant women an internet consultation, if they are diagnosed of Zika. After which, they will se freely shipped the tablets without additional cost. In a medication termination procedure, the<strong> Mifeprex</strong> pill is used to restrict fetus development, and detaches the same from uterus. Secondary tablets of prostaglandin are then utilized to expel the pregnancy sections. However, the medication procedure is only safe and effective up to 9 weeks of pregnancy, and thus, the NGO is asking women who qualify to get the medicines to consult them soon as they come to know about their pregnancy.</p> <h2>Efforts to Make Abortion Legal in Brazil during Zika Epidemic</h2> <p>As it is stated, the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro will be conducted as decided. But stall chief, Jaques Wagner to Dilma Rouseff, Brazilian President warns the pregnant women to keep away from the Games given the infection. They must choose to <a href="http://www.leonpharmacy.com/abortion-pill.html"><strong>buy abortion pill online</strong></a> from Women on Web at no charge at all, and cut out the suffering the child will have to undergo if birth happens.</p> <p>The NGO is urging Brazilian government to at least legalize abortion at such a dangerous time, where women are in dire situation, and would require help manage their pregnancy. Even activist from the region as well as lawyers are petitioning in the Supreme Court to waive the ban on pregnancy ending for women who are Zika infected, and pregnant.</p> <h2>Zika Virus Spread in Nations</h2> <p>Women need to order the medicines soon, as it can take 1 to 5 weeks for the shipment to reach according to the region. The NGO will dispense the tablets to Honduras, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Surinam, Guadeloupe, Argentina, Haiti, Bolivia, Paraguay, Ecuador, El Salvador, Venezuela, Chile, Columbia, and Panama. Females can get pregnancy ending care without the Women on Web&rsquo;s assistance at Caribbean islands, Mexico, Barbados, French Guyana, and Saint Martin. The Dutch NGO is not able to provide the tablets to Brazil, as the package gets intercepted before these reach women.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

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